Overdue JQL function - Jira plugin

Overdue JQL function – Jira plugin

JQL plugin that introduces a new search function for filtering issues based on overdue-state. This allows the managers to easy checking the state of the issues. The function takes into account the transitions as well for the specified dates. The supported syntax is:

issue in overdue(“2013-07-01″,”2013-09-01”)

The result is :  include all issues with (“2013-07-01” <= “duedate” <= “2013-09-01”)  and (“resolutionDate” < “duedate” or empty “resolutionDate”)  considering all transitions


  • Java
  • Jira

Project roles

  • Project management
  • Requirement analysis
  • software development
  • QA
  • installation

Project details

Project Type: Jira plugin
Development Model: Task Based
Time of development: 2013

Georgi KirtchevOverdue JQL function – Jira plugin