Software Quality Assurance

Independent quality assurance can show you the real problems before going in produciton with the software. We can assist you!

Not many software companies takes QA seriously and own dedicated QA team. Even less customers wants to pay for such services. Somehow they expected that the QA is done from the developers it self. The reality shows that this is not the case. A dedicated QA team reduces the cost of the whole projects by finding the problems in an early phase of the product’s life cycle. A well build automated test package covering the essential logic will guarantee correct code on the long term. Especially after the first version is in production and the first change requires need to be implemented.

We offer QA services for projects that we develope, but we can act as QA team for external developed software as well. We can:

  • create tests plans and test cases for you
  • define acceptance test and criteria
  • define stress tests and load tests for your software
  • execute the tests from the tests cases
  • implement automated tests for the back-end and for the frond-end to meat expected code coverage level

Other Services

Our expericen team can offer you the following additional services with the best price / quality ratio on the market

Hardware design and firmware development

Analysis and recommendation for existing hardware components, design of custom boards, full production documentation and organizing prototype production

Software Quality Assurance