Software development

Custom software development is the only way to provide your business process with the tools increasing your edge on the market. We can help!

The software development is our primary service that we offer to our clients. Our team consist of senior developers with over 10 years of professional experience. Every team member has development background and knows the real-world challenges. This gives us the confidence to meat the expected results on time and mostly in the budget.

We offer different variants of development modules :

  • Fixed price projects – This kind of project have the potential to be unsatisfying for both sides. In order to reduce the risk the requirements need to be very well specified and definitely a blueprint must exist. We offer service for creating such requirement blueprints if needed. Usually we accept such project as startup projects in long-term partnership. Such projects are very good in proving the communication abilities between us and the client. The project is denied in milestones with clear, measurable acceptance criteria for both sides.


  • Dedicated team – we provide the team members and the infrastructure for the cooperation on the project. The task management and coordination in the team is done from you. This gives you 100% transparency on the work progress and control on the tasks. This kind of cooperation requires outsourcing experience on the your side.


  • Task based – this is our classical long-term partnership. Monthly we allocate resources (know-how, development hours) for you and agree on the tasks to be developed. The team organization, management, QA and controlling is our responsibility. The process is Scrum-Based and our 100% online management system allows full transparency of spend time and costs. This kind of work requires mutual trust from both sides and is result of successful previous projects between both parties.

From our experience the most effective way of software development is the “Task based” since the risk is reduced to minimum and the synergy is maximized.

Our development projects in 100% online based on Atlassian products and organized in agile scrum style. We have over 15 years in outsourcing experience.

Checkout our portfolio for more details of your successful projects.


Our experience in software development is in :


  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • MyBatis
  • Hibernate
  • Apache commons
  • Jetty / Tomcat
  • Net
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python

Web front-end

  • JavaScript
  • Vaadin
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • ZK Framework
  • thymeleaf


  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL


  • iOS
  • Android

Other Services

Our expericen team can offer you the following additional services with the best price / quality ratio on the market

Requirements blueprint

Receive development ready blueprint after on-side business analysis.

Software development

Let us develop your custom software solution or increase the integration of the existing infrastructure in your company. We can help!

Software Quality Assurance

Reach the quality you are paying for. Ensure long running stability, correctness and availability of your software products

SugarCRM Integration and plugins

SugarCRM installation, customization and integration in your business infrastructure.

Atlasssian Integration and plugins

Installation, integration of Atlassian products for your company. Extending them with custom plugin tailed for you needs.

Hardware design and firmware development

Analysis and recommendation for existing hardware components, design of custom boards, full production documentation and organizing prototype production

Software development