Requirements blueprint

Sometimes our customers have an Idea about the product and want to have offer with fixed price for the development. This is only possible if they have consistent and very detailed blueprint of the requirements. In most cases such blueprint do not exist or is too general to allow realistic offer. Projects that require fixed price offer need to be very good specified to reduce the risk of partnership failure. The solution: first to create such requirements blueprint. It is created in combined work between the the client and our team.

The work involves:

  • Meeting both local and remote
  • Series of questions and answers to clarify the details of the functionality
  • Wireframe for the user interface
  • Project milestones and phases
  • Production environment, expected user load and support requirements

The blueprint contains enough logical and visual information, so that every software vendor can create realistically offer for the product. The client can request implementation offer from us or any other vendor, which will allow him to compare the implementations and to plan the project better.

Other Services

Our expericen team can offer you the following additional services with the best price / quality ratio on the market

Requirements blueprint

Receive development ready blueprint after on-side business analysis.

Software development

Let us develop your custom software solution or increase the integration of the existing infrastructure in your company. We can help!

Software Quality Assurance

Reach the quality you are paying for. Ensure long running stability, correctness and availability of your software products

SugarCRM Integration and plugins

SugarCRM installation, customization and integration in your business infrastructure.

Atlasssian Integration and plugins

Installation, integration of Atlassian products for your company. Extending them with custom plugin tailed for you needs.

Hardware design and firmware development

Analysis and recommendation for existing hardware components, design of custom boards, full production documentation and organizing prototype production

Requirements blueprint