About us

We are a software solution company who are passionate about quality and integration. We specialise in custom business and mobile software. Our goal is to combine existing technologies and open source products in order to minimize development time and costs. We take deadlines and budgets seriosly.

Who we are?

Experience software developers combining technical and business knowledge, collected internationally in EU and USA. Our passion for technology starts from our technical school, proceeds trough technical university and shapes our processional career.

What we do?

We provide software solutions for business needs, either from ground up or by deeper integration between existing systems. Our portfolio combines projects for both startups and mature business companies. We successfully operated as outsourcing partner for IT companies in EU. Check our services for more details.

Why we are good?

International experience allows us to know the real needs of our partners. With over 15 years experience in our own companies, we know how to manage software projects to meat the expectations and to deliver production ready products

Meet the team

These are the usual suspects for successful projects

Georgi Kirtchev CEO, CTO

Proactively project management with hands-on experience

Alexander Papalichev Project manager

Project management with QA affinity

Vladi Marinov

Vladi Marinov Mobile and web development lead

Mobile and Web development guru

Our Skills

We are fast learners used to new technologies and frameworks. Depending on the project and client’s requests we suggest a development technology from our pool. Of course not everybody knows everything, but our team is balanced and covers the most useful languages and frameworks.

If we need additional support or know-how, then we relay on our partners and colleagues community for additional resources on a project base.


Project management, Requirement analysis and specifications
Spring Framework, MyBatis
MS SQL, PostgreSQL


JavaScript, jQuery
AngularJS, Vaadin, Thymeleaf




thousands lines

production code



of experience

Why they love us

We are completely crazy in love with our projects. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they will get what they want.

GK Soft is an innovative and professional company that has provided energicos Systems with valuable software and hardware development services. We are very happy with our decision to work with GK Soft, as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, GK Soft is a great company with a very experienced team!

Drago Prodanov – COO energicos Systems

GK Soft delivered more than we expected, and the total cost less than budgeted. Very creative and competent team of problem solvers! We‘ve completed successfully our project within 70% of our project budget.  We'll certainly work with GK Soft again.

Jan Groneberg, Project Lead Hardware Development energicos Systems

GK Soft is an outstanding software development company with an immense depth of technical expertise in server-side Linux development. We trust GK Soft to deliver technical solutions that meet our stringent product needs - and always in a very efficient manner. I look forward to working on our future products with GK Soft!

Réne Schwarzmann, Product Manager energicos Systems

We have GK Soft met as an innovative and reliable partner for the software and hardware development. The broad knowledge base of GK Soft employees in the modeling and implementation of modern software and hardware architectures are impressive. Due to the enormous commitment and flexibility of GK Soft employees, we were able to bring forward our projects despite difficult conditions. In future, we will put both the expansion of our product portfolio as well as for support of existing solutions to the service of GK Soft.

Réne Schwarzmann, Product Manager energicos Systems
Georgi KirtchevAbout Us